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Saturday, November 29, 2008

The shopping tour

It was a really nice day yesterday and we bought a lot of stuff.
I will show you a couple of things that I bought.

The best thing of the day for me was this Nokia telephone.
It's really in my style and I can say I've really fallen in love with it.
It has got among other things a Mp3 player, Photo and Video camera,
radio, MSM, USB and Bluetooth.
I like the color and the style of it. It's very small, thin and light.

I also bought a new hairdryer.
It started coming out smoke from the old one and
Clas told me to not use it anymore.

Ikea proved to be a great disappointment.
The Christmas ornaments there were in my opinion not beautiful and
I only bought these two golden hearts.

I like the American style of ornaments that is more antique looking, but the most of the stuff at Ikea looked like the designers have had a lack of creativity.
I think it's typical Scandinavian, which fits the image of the shop, but don't fit me!
I can just feel the "jantelaw" coming creeping when I look at it.
The style is simple and straight without any flourishes to be more on the safe side of not being too much.
It was white and blue and gray light bulbs without any gold and glitter that would bring a cold winter atmosphere to your home and the interior in the shop didn't give any Christmas feelings at all.
They didn't have any "Julglögg" or traditional salted Christmas hams either.
A couple of Christmas trees were however quite nice.

Oh, I wish I had possibility to go to Florida for Christmas ornament shopping.
There you find so much nice stuff that you can't buy it all.
Now our decorations will be delayed and I have to run out on town as soon as possible and look for something.
The Swedish Church is arranging a Christmas bazaar today and I will also go there and see what they have got.
More about that later when I have been there.

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