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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cold,Cold, Cold

The Hooters-girls today.

It's very cold here on Tenerife now. Only + 21 and a lot of clouds.
But it's not raining and we can be happy for that.
The temperature in the night is about 17-18 degrees.

We have been out to Hooters again today, for a lunch, and now I'm so cold that I have to go and lay down under the covering in the bed.
We have bought a nice fluffy covering from Ikea and when you lay down under it you become warm after a while. Clas is already laying under it...
We can't use it in the summer time but now it starts getting colder and we put it into the bed yesterday.

By the way, we are planning to rent a car Friday and go up to Ikea and Alcampo for Christmas shopping. I like to buy some more ornaments for the balcony if we can find something we like.

We will start decorating the balcony next week because it has to be ready the first of Advent.
We both look forward to get up the decorations when it makes our balcony so cozy.
But it's a hard work before when I have to clean everything. Even the walls!
But I'm just happy! We are lucky when we can have Christmas ornaments!

The people in the neighbor house are not allowed to have any when the electricity in their house is so weak that it just makes the fuses go.
Their house was very dark last year and there wasn't a single light ornament and they live in the dark the most of the nights.
If it's because they are tight or if it's because of the fuses we don't know but I couldn't make it to live in the dark.
Imagine if a cockroach walks into the apartment and they don't see it!
I would be so scared!

They can however see our ornaments well and I think it will be a blessing to them if we can make it really nice this year.

Many apartments here on Tenerife have got a weak electricity and some people can't use the hair dryer in the same time as the TV is on when it makes the whole apartment go black.
It's the same when they use the washing machine. Then they can't put on any other electricity items like the coffee maker, the teapot or the iron etc.
Something to think about when you like to buy or rent an apartment on Tenerife.

I will show you some photos later when we get the balcony decorated.


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