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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Our Secret

Now the winter is here. It's very cold (20-22 degrees) in the nights on the terrace of Lewinski so don't forget to bring a warm jacket when you come to see us.

I promised to tell you about a secret about two weeks ago. Here it comes:

We have been looking for a new place for a long time, a place where we could be inside, but it's not easy.
We need a nice restaurant with at least 150 chairs and a big dance floor.
There are many restaurants but the most of them have only got place for up to 80 guests and no dance floor.

There are some different restaurant owners who like to do business with us which is very exciting, but so far we have backed off from everything they have been able to offer us, only because of the lack of a big dance floor.

We have been out inspecting many different places the last two weeks and today we have been looking at a new one again.
We decided to think about it for a couple of days.
The restaurant is very nice and there's even a dance floor but the location is a little bit on the side of everything. But it's in an area that has got a lot of tourists.
We'll see. I tell you as soon as we have decided.

Please, check out our websites, before you leave for Tenerife, to be sure you'll find us.

The restaurant we have been looking at today.


Anonymous said...

Hi Susanne,
we will be so sad to see you move but you have to do what is best for you.
personally when we come on holiday we love to be outside at night we are not indoor people that is life at home, so sitting in the open air for us listening to you and Clas makes our holiday.We would really miss that. But other people like indoors. Maybe you could put it to a vote ask your visitors.
regards Sue x

Susanne said...

Dear Sue,
Yes, it has been so lovely to be outside. When you visited us in September it was +25 in the nights and no wind. Really lovely!
I wish it would be like that all the time.
Now it's very cold in the nights (+20)and it gets even colder and windy from December-March (+17-19 in the nights and about +22 in the daytime).
Some of our guests have already started using winter jackets and some have to leave early when they get cold.
It's also a problem when it starts raining. Nobody can be out on the terrace and we can't play.
The coldest period on Tenerife is November-April. The rest of the year it's more like a paradise here. No rain and about + 28 degrees in the daytime with a lovely breeze from the Atlantic Ocean.
The restaurant also needs a "face lift", but there's no interest from the management to do that.
Many hope we'll stay in Los Cristianos and we hope to do so if possible. We'll see...
All the best