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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Our night off

He,he! I will tell you what happened tonight.
We went to La Costa for dinner.
When we got in there I felt everything wasn't right.
I said I wonder if this is the right restaurant because there were no decorations on the walls and it looked like a garage with a few tables. All the staff was also sitting out on the porch and we were the only guests.
You know, La Costa is a quite famous restaurant an I expected it to be crowded and thought there would be at least candles on the tables.

Clas was sure we are at the La Costa restaurant and we sat down and got the menus.
I started reading mine and thought something was wrong when there wasn't any tapas at all.
I popped the question again but Clas said we are at the right restaurant.

When the waiter came to take the order Clas asked if the restaurant is called La Costa and we were told that La Costa is the neighbor restaurant.
Then we stood up and told we are in the wrong place and after a couple of excuses we left the restaurant. Oh, what a shame!

When we got out we figured out the La Costa restaurant was closed. They also have their day off Fridays!
Then we decided to visit an other restaurant instead that is called Piccolo.

Piccolo has become quite popular among some of our friends the last weeks and we decided to give it a try when we haven't been there before.
Here some photos from our night.

The Piccolo restaurant is Italian.

Waiting for the starter.


We ordered marinated mussels as a starter.

And we both had fillet steak of pork with
mushroom sauce as the main course.
It was a lovely meal.

After the dinner we went to Scandishop.

We had a nice and relaxing night.
Came back home about 1.30.
Now I'll go to bed.
Good Night!

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