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Monday, November 10, 2008


Today Clas has been doing the mastering job on three new songs for me and I have been sitting out on the balcony in the sun doing the rehearsal of them.
I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to sing them already on Wednesday, but I will soon start singing them.
Wednesday night will be quite tough for us, when it's our first night in the new place, and I don't like to make it worse by taking new songs that night.

I have also been planning the play lists today and they are now ready.
If the songs fit together or not we´ll see when we start playing...

This was our Sunday night dinner :

We went to the Asiatic Wok restaurant for dinner.

Our starters.
Asian soup, clams, prawns and Chinese bread with warm sweet and sour dip.

Starter number 2.
Sushi and some more different Chinese breads with different dips.

Three deserts.
NB! The size is about a table spoon each and
the spoon on the plate is a tea spoon!
Important to say when you probably start thinking we
eat too much every night.
I haven't gained weight but I have a period when
I don't loose weight either, like it seams.

To be honest...I had one more plate!
Please, click on the arrow to watch when
the chef is preparing it for me.

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