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Friday, November 14, 2008

Our day off

We decided to get up early this morning to get out the most of the day.

The Vista Sur Playa.
The weather was perfect with a temperature of + 27 degrees.

We went to Scandicshop to have a breakfast.
This time we had meat ball sandwiches.
They have got really delicious sandwiches and
I like to recommend you to go there and try them.

It's difficult to understand that the Christmas is coming to town
now "in the middle of the summer".
Some shops have already started decorating their windows.

I said the other day I need a sweater with "holes".
Today I saw one I like and bought it directly.
I will probably have it on already tonight when we go out
for dinner with our friends Frances and Mick from England.

I have tried many different mascaras the last months but
think the Diorshow mascara is still the best one.
I always used it before but decided to change to be sure I don't
miss out the latest stuff on the market.
Now I'm back to the normal again and it feels good.

There's a fan blowing warm air straight up from the ground,
through iron bars, outside Hotel Santiago 4!
When ladies walk over it the skirt is standing straight up so
that everybody can see the underpants.
Clas' T-shirt went like a balloon when he stood there.

We have also spent time at the pool today.

The water is very cold but some people are brave enough to have a swim.

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