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Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Halloween

Very Nice! The Halloween is finished for this year.
I don't like the event and to see people dressed up like devils.

Three demons were visiting Harry's Cocktail bar last night while we were there.
They walked around out on the terrace begging for money (trick or treat).
They were all adults!

In Las Americas we saw a young girl about 20 years old, on the street outside Veronicas, with devil horns on the head and with a skirt that was so short that you could see the underpants.
She really looked like a fairy and I wouldn't be surprised if she turned the male devils on so that they liked to kidnap her and abuse her sexually.
I would be so scared to be dressed like that at Veronicas, which is the area of Las Americas where the most crimes take place.

Why are people celebrating the devil a night like this?
It ought to be a night when you should think about the near and loved ones
who have passed away, but many prefer to try to create an image of the hell.
If you didn't know better you could believe it's the birthday of the devil instead. Couldn't you?

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