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Friday, November 28, 2008

Our day off

Clas rented a car yesterday and we are going to Alcampo and Ikea for shopping today.
It will be so fun! I hope to find a lot of stuff!
We need more Christmas ornaments, Swedish Christmas food, clothes, a new phone to me, a real big flowerpot for the balcony etc. And Clas always buy a lot of electronic stuff.

We have to get up early in the morning.
I will put the alarm on 8 o'clock and it will be very hard for us to wake up.

Buy the way, we got a nice surprise last night when we came to the restaurant.
There was a beautiful Christmas tree standing beside the stage.
Now we plan to be prepared with our Christmas songs when we get back on Saturday.
We have only got four songs when some of the tourists don't like to hear Christmas songs.
But a small problem has now occurred when we have forgot the lyrics and I have to find the song sheets so that we can start doing the rehearsal...

When Clas last year happily asked the audience if they like to hear a couple of Christmas songs he got a negative answer. We were so surprised!
It was only a few people who like to hear them.
One lady told us to not play Christmas songs while she was in the restaurant when her husband had died the Christmas before.

What can we do? We have decided to have our four songs if somebody like to hear them.
It would be a shame to have to say we haven't got any Christmas songs. Wouldn't it?
But it seams like many come to Tenerife in the Christmas time to just try to forget the Christmas.

The Christmas tree in the restaurant.


Anonymous said...

Hi Susanne try the Christmas CD that i sent you Nancy will remember the dances from that its lovely and jolly. Hope you can find it
Sue xx

Susanne said...

Hi Sue!
Yes we have got the CD! It's very nice!
Thank you so much for giving it to us!
I will bring it to the restaurant.