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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Oasis Mango 22.11.2008

We had a lot of guests last night even when many of the Scandinavians, that have visited us the last weeks, have to leave the island early this morning to go back home.
The audience last night was about 70% Scandinavians and the rest English.
It was specially many Norwegians and when they love to dance it was crowded on the dance floor.

We are so happy when many of the guests who have been visiting us the last years here on Tenerife have found us in our new place.
People keep telling us every night how they have been asking around to figure out where we are.

Many guests also have the dinner at Oasis Mango and when we arrive in the nights there are already a lot of guests sitting there eating.
Oasis Mango has got nice meals and the prices are normal. Not the cheapest but not expensive either.

If you stay in Los Cristianos or in Las Americas you can go by taxi to Oasis mango for free.
You just ask for the taxi receipt and when you pay your dinner you show it to the waiter and the the taxi-price will be reduced from the bill.
People have already started doing it and it works nice.

Please, click on the arrow to watch the video clip.


Anonymous said...

whats up with your video clips .
Come on Clas you sorted my computer
out for me get cracking on Susannes.
I am so pleased to see how well you are both doing at The Oasis Mango it looks great.
Nancy and Bill think it is a super venue she keeps me updated by text
as she has not got a computer.
La Costa looked good Clas looked very pleased with himself I could have put a caption to that Hee Hee.
Have a nice evening
Sue & Norman

Anonymous said...

Lovely. Its so nice to hear you singing.