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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Barbecue Parties - Wednesdays

Last night we were offered a new restaurant where to play again.
The restaurant is in a good area and have got a big dance floor but we have decided to stay at Oasis Mango and give it a try and said no thanks.
The management at our new restaurant have got a lot of good ideas and we think it will be very interesting to work for them.

Oasis Mango where we are now is a hotel in Los Cristianos.
The restaurant has got a nice interior and nice meals.
Dining guests get the taxi to the restaurant for free by showing the receipt of the taxi when paying the bill of the meal.

Wednesdays we'll have barbecue nights out on the terrace. (Start this week)
They have now bought new tables and chairs so that everybody get room out on the terrace.
The party start at 7 pm when we first eat together. Then we start playing at 9 o'clock like normal.

Many Scandinavians visited us last night and we had a lovely night with a lot of dancing.
John from Holland also teach us a line dance which was appreciated.

We both look forward to be back on stage tonight and we think it will be a lot of dancing again.

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