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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Possitiv Way Of Thinking

Yesterday I got a mail from a friend of mine up in Finland.
It was about a positive way of thinking, and I really got like a revelation and felt I need to change my mind and become more thankful and positive to everything I have got.
Even the bad things are good things if you just can look at them in the right way!
Oh, I think I have been such a selfish and egoistic person! From now on I will try to be satisfied with all the "must do's" because I haven't got the right to complain about anything!
I will share some of the words with you.

Be happy when:

-you have to clean the apartment after been having a big party!
It means you have got a lot of friends when there are many who are alone.

-you have to pay taxes!
It means you have got a work while many are unemployed.

-your clothes get too tight!
It mean you have got food on the table while many starve.

-you have to cut the lawn and clean the windows!
It means you have got a home while there are many homeless.

-you have to listen to people who complain about the politicians!
It means there is a liberty of statement.

-you get a high electricity bill!
It means you have got heating while many are cold.

-you have got a lady singing out of pitch in the row behind you in the church!
It means you can hear while some are deaf.

-you have got a lot of clothes to iron!
It means you have got a lot of clothes while some walk around in rags.

-the alarm wake you up in the morning!
It means you are alive while many have died.


Wouldn't it be nice to always see things in such a positive way?
I would like to do that!

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