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Friday, November 07, 2008

Oasis Mango

It was our last night at Lewinski yesterday.
We were very crowded and it was a mess to try to arrange space for everybody on the dance floor.
We tried to keep one space for the line dancers and an other for the couple dancers but every now and then some of the couple dancers were dancing straight into the line dancers and in the end I told them that the one who continue doing it will be locked up on the toilet.
He,He! It worked! But it was only a joke!

We are going to have a couple of days of and Wednesday night (12.11) we start playing again but then we are at Oasis Mango in Los Cristianos.
We will play there six nights a week from 9-12.
Fridays will be our days off.
Many people promised yesterday to come and see us already Wednesday, when we start, and we are so happy for that.

Oasis mango is a hotel in Los Cristianos. They have got a nice restaurant on the ground floor.
The venues will be open for everybody, not only for the hotel guests, and we are happy to now get the possibility to play inside. No chilly winds and cold chairs anymore when we are inside.

Tomorrow it's normally our day off when we don't do much, but we have a lot of programs.
First we'll go to the Scandishop for breakfast and change the sign we have there.
Clas is making a new sign for us now in the middle of the night.

After that Clas will go to Lewinski and start removing the gear we have there.
Then Saturday all the stuff have to be moved to the new restaurant.

I have got a lot of work at home tomorrow doing ironing and other home jobs.

Then in the night we are going out for dinner. Where I don't know yet.
We are going to spend the night with the Scandinavian people tomorrow. That's all we know so far.
I will put up some photos from the day and the night later.
Have a nice day! Now I'll go to bed!


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your new venue. I am sure you will be a big hit with the hotel guests.
Will you still play indoors during the summer or do they have outdoor stage area?.
You will be missed at Lewinski we loved it there listening to you and Clas. We feel a little sad that you are moving but do understand how you feel the cold even though we think of those temperatures as warm.Does the Hotel have air conditioning in the restaurant where you will be playing?.
Waiting for new update.Look forward to your next blog.
Good Luck to you both you are both great entertainers the hotel is very lucky to have two such lovely people.
Sue xx

Susanne said...

Hi Sue,
Thank you so much.
We haven't had time to check out everything yet, but many people think it's a nice place and many have promised to be there already Wednesday when we start, which is really lovely.
Some of our guests stay in the neighborhood of Oasis Mango and they are really happy now when we move closer.
But it's not so far from Lewinski either, when we are still in Los Cristianos.
We think everybody who like our music will find us.
I will try to remember to make a video clip from the first night to put up on the blog. Susanne