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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tuesday - Our last night off

We start working tomorrow night again, but then we are
in the new place called Oasis Mango here in Los Cristianos.
We have been there the whole afternoon setting up the sound system.
Oh, how interesting it's gonna be tomorrow to see if we get any guests in.

We decided to have a barbecue on the balcony tonight when
we feel little bit tired of eating out in restaurants all the time.
We'll get the dinner every night at Oasis mango like we did at Lewinskis.
I appreciate it much when it would be too early to go out in the afternoon to have the dinner.

Tonight Clas made chicken for us on the grill.

My plate. It was very delicious!

I bought these Mimmi Mouse shoes today.
I like them so much and they are very comfortable.

Clas has bought new percussion instruments for me
and I will try to play maracas tomorrow night in some of the songs.

I look forward seeing some of you at Oasis Mango tomorrow.
Have a good night sleep! Good Night!

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