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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Elk Party

Rigmor, Susanne, Clas, Jan-Egil, Graham, Robert and Steiner.

Oh, it was a really lovely dinner!
We were eating out on the terrace close to the pool.
The meat was very tender and nice and this couple are like specialists when it comes to elk meat.
They had first kept it in a marinade for two days and then it had been in the oven for 15 hours.
That means it took them about three days to prepare the meat and I think it was the best elk I have had in my life.
I have had elk hundreds of times before when my dad is hunting elks every autumn in Finland.

One of the guests tonight, Graham, is from England and I learned from him that you call the animal moose in Great Britain.
By the way, Graham and Robert are also country musicians here on Tenerife.
They are very good and play every night at Ancor in Las Americas.

The host and the hostess ; Tove and Jan-Egil

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