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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Natural gas to Israel

Here some news and thoughts about Israel - Hamas - Palestina:

Over 88 billion cubic meter of gas has been found in the Mediterranean sea 90 km west of the northern harbor of Haifa.
That means Israel will not have to depend so much on the gas supplies from Egypt anymore and they will earn some extra money too. A nice contribution to the state funds.
Or would you call it a nice blessing in the right time?

The elections in Israel will be the 10th of February. Benyamin Netanyahu is the most popular among the prime minister candidates and on second place is Livni.
Imagine I have met Benyamin in real! Unbelievable!

Israel is now preparing for the next fight: The one against the Media and the Court process.

Hamas has started torturing members of Fatah (The Movement for the National Liberation of Palestine). At least three members have got there eyes cut out and about 100 persons have been killed or injured. The most of the media keep silent about it.
It's probably not clever to mention it now when they have been defending Hamas during the war blaming Israel for all what have happened to the Palestinians. Where is the sympathy for the Palestinians now?

Hamas is a terrorist group that like to annihilate Israel, but they also do terror against the people in Palestine who don't agree with them.
They don't feel any guilt when they have involved the civil people of Palestine in the war.
Instead they say it was good they gave them the possibility to die like martyrs for their Gods sake.
If that really is true... Why did they then hide themselves like scared rats, down in the underground of Gasa , during the Israeli attacks? Stupid!

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