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Thursday, January 15, 2009

We'll relax again for three days

We had a nice evening at La Karina last night.
The restaurant was crowded and the most of the guests stayed the whole night through.
It was really a party night and I think we had about 150 guests.
The people were dancing and clapping hands and we are so happy to be back in a place were it's a lot of tourists and where we are more on display so that new visitors can find us too.

Next time we play will be on Sunday, the day when many of the Scandinavians go back home.
It's good for us to be free for three days, but many guests were complaining tonight when there is no more possibility to come and listen to us before they have to leave.

One couple said they only come to Tenerife because they like to listen to our music in the nights and this time they didn't get to hear us much when we have been off for many days.
We are so sorry, but can't help it. The situation is like this right now.
We know that many of you are used to come and see us every night, but remember we will start playing more nights after a couple of weeks. Maybe five or six nights a week.
Please, check out our sites to get the last information about where we are.

We are now at La Karina Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays, but as soon as the restaurant owner opens the new restaurant, there is a possibility that we will start playing there.

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