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Saturday, January 03, 2009

No unnecessary drinking!

I am so tired today.
We had a farewell party with Carola and Calle on our balcony last night.
They are going back to Finland tomorrow.
First we started with a fondue dinner, and home made apple pie with vanilla cream as desert, and then we were sitting and talking + singing until the middle of the night.
We had very fun and laughed so much that our stomachs were aching.

Clas got an idea that we needed to empty all the wine and spirit bottles we had in the home when we now have decided to not drink anything at all for a while.
I tell you, it was a lot of bottles and we were in a good mood.

Today our new life start and we will now stay white every day except on our day off.
We are off one day a week and then we are going to have wine or beer with the dinner.
I really look forward to this better life because now I'm so tired of all kind of wines and spirits that I don't even like to see them. I shiver if I just think about it.

Tomorrow morning we have decided to go out and have a walk in the nature.
We also long to start living a more healthy life when we need to loose weight to become in better shapes. But I don't promise that we will make it!
We would like to change our habits, but dreams are not always coming true...
We'll see! Time will tell!

Clas says we can't change everything directly but have to take it step by step.
I think that's clever and hope it will be easier when we are two working on it together.
He normally has a stronger character than me, but when it comes to spirits I'm the stronger one and hopefully we somehow can help each other and get into a better life.
That's my hearts desire right now.

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