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Friday, January 30, 2009


I got these roses last week from two different men in the audience.
Aren't they beautiful?
They are very big and the one to the right is over one week old and still in such a good condition.
I really wonder how long they will stay fresh.
However Clas don't have to buy any roses for this weekend either.
Normally he buys a bouquet of roses every Friday.

The thing is that there is a man walking around selling roses in the area where we work now.
He walks around the tables at La Karina, every now and then, and sometimes people buy from him. Most times the men buy a rose to the wife or to the fiancee.

At Lewinski, where we worked before, a lady was walking around selling paper roses.
I got quite a lot of them and one night when we had anniversary we got many in the same night.
It's good to be an artist! Isn't it?

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