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Monday, January 19, 2009

The Monkey Park

My favorite animal is now this monkey.
But I also like cats.
Look, it's nails have got like a brown nail polish!
Their hands feel very soft and cool.

I am so excited! This day has really been an experience!
I just think about the cat monkeys all the time now.
They are so cute and fun and if it would be possible I would like to have one.

The thing that makes this park different from all the others is that you are allowed to walk inside the cages among the animals.
Mick, Me and Frances.

There were lemurs and cat monkeys in the first cage.
Isn't this lemur cute?

The lemurs were quite curious and two jumped up on
Clas directly to check him out.
They are so cute these animals! Not scared of people at all!
They are very friendly and like to climb on you.

A monkey jumped up on Frances head and it looks like
it started checking out her hair to see if it could find some fleas.

This acrobat really showed us what it could do.
Suddenly it started hanging up and down over the path.
Maybe it enjoys to be photographed.

There are a lot of different monkeys in the park.
These Golden hand gibbons were not interesting in climbing on us.
They just looked at us and jumped around.

You are, of course, not allowed to walk in the cages with the big monkeys.
This one was sitting at the window watching the tourists.

Look what a big iguana!
I almost get scared when I think that I have been standing close to it.
I am not a fan of reptiles and lizards.

There were also a lot of different birds and parrots in the park.
And even three jaguars and a couple of crocodiles, lemmings,
guinea pigs and some turtles etc.

I recommend you to visit the Monkey park while you are on Tenerife.
It's only 10Euros to get in, and it's the only place I know, where
you are allowed to walk inside the cages.
It's really an experience! Specially if you like the small monkeys like I do.
But don't wear brand new clothes when they can urinate on you.

I also recommend you to buy the small plastic bags with nuts, seeds and
bread they sell at the entrance.
When the monkeys see you have got the bag they come to you and like to have a taste.

Remember to look after your jeweleries when some of the monkeys will try
to steal them from you and don't wear big earrings!

Oh, I already long to go there again.

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