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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Our day

I'll tell you what we have been doing today.
Maybe it's a shame, but we didn't get up from our bed before two o'clock in the afternoon.
We still have problems to get to sleep at nights and we are staying up until the early morning hours.
I have really tried to change these bad habits but Clas hasn't (even when it was his idea from the beginning that we do something about it), and it doesn't help me to go to bed earlier when I still wait for him before I can sleep. It's really a problem!
Is there anybody who knows what to do about it?
We would like to go to bed before three o'clock in the nights but don't get tired.
He,he! I think I know the answer! It's just to start getting up in the mornings! Isn't it?

When we woke up we got a sms-message from Mick and Frances, that they have arrived to Tenerife.
We got up, got dressed and went out to see them outside their hotel at 3pm. We went together with them to Lewinskis' to have a breakfast/lunch.

Mick and Frances brought Clas new laptop that he has bought from England. It's a really small one and I wish I would have ordered one too.
Now he can bring the laptop with him out in town, if he likes, and he can be wherever and blog and read news etc. He is now out on the balcony and maybe I will not see him much here in the studio anymore.
Oh, I need to get one too! Then we could sit out on the balcony in the nights instead of here.
But I would like to have one from Sweden so that I get the åäö letters on the keyboard.

After the meal we returned home and I had decided to work with the play lists for tomorrow.
But after a while I thought I better go out and check the shops and I haven't still got the play lists ready. My next goal is to work on them when I go to bed...

Yes, I was out shopping but didn't find much.
Only a belt, a really nice white fur vest and two black leggings with different decorations down at the ankles.

I will soon go to bed now because it's a tough day tomorrow.
First all the equipments have to be moved to Dubai, and then we have to do a sound check, and then go back home and dress up, and then back and play the night.
It will take the whole day to get everything done but we both look forward to it.
We have had an extra vacation now for about a week and we feel ready to start playing again.

We will play Friday - Saturday at Dubai in Puerto Colon.
Welcome to visit if you are on Tenerife!

The white fur vest.
I will probably use it already tomorrow night.
It fits nice to all my colored silk shirts.
The nights are still quite chilly and it will be just perfect.
I would like to add that it looks more beautiful or posh in real than on this bad photo.

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