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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Hair extensions

I bought long straight hair extensions before Christmas because I like to get a ticker and longer hair.
My hair dresser told me to get the ones that are easy to put on and take off and where I can buy them.
I haven't put them on yet.

Today I read an article that said that hair extensions can make you bald-headed.
Some British researchers have discovered that it can make you loose your hair and they demand an immediate total ban of hair extensions.
The risk went into focus a couple of years ago when Victoria Beckham cut of her extensions and a bald space was discovered on her head.

When the extensions are welded to the normal hair they cause a high pressure on the hair roots and the hair sack can become so destroyed that it only produces thin hairs in the future or not any hair at all, says the hair specialist Bary Stevens to the Daily Mail.

Terrible! Now I don't know what to do with my extensions.
They are very long when I like them to go all the way down to the waist in the back and I think it will be quite heavy for my hair roots to keep them hanging.

Is there anyone who like to have them?
I will give them away for free when I otherwise just will throw them in the trash bin.
You probably can cut them shorter so that they will not be so heavy.
I don't have any use for short ones myself when my hair is already quite long.


Mollys said...

Om du inte kasta dina extensions så kan jag gärna prova den varianten.Jag har haft tre olika hårförlägningar men inte kommit så bra överrens med någon av dem.d.v.s sinett och sådann som sys fast.
Du har ju så tjockt och vackert hår så inte behöver du nå löshår.

Susanne said...

Hejsan Madicken!
Jag skickar håret åt dej! Du som är frissa har kanske nån nytta av det...
Det kommer med posten!

Unknown said...


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