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Saturday, January 10, 2009

No Dubai!

This is Tenerife!
First we were supposed to play Friday - Saturday at the Dubai restaurant.
Then they changed their mind, when it started raining, and said we can start Monday instead.
Today we got a telephone call from the manager of Dubai.
He told us to not come and play Monday when the owner has changed his mind.
He said they are not going to have any music at all right now.
Why, we don't know. But it's probably because it's not many tourists here right now.
It's very quiet everywhere and the restaurants can't afford to have musicians.

We brought the sound system there a couple of days ago because we would start playing already yesterday and now he told us to come and remove it from the stage.
It's not the first time in the history that this happens here on Tenerife, but it's the first time it happens to us.

We heard ones about a quite famous musician here on the island, who got to the restaurant in the night, and put up the sound system, and then they told him to take it down because he is not going to play.
Some guests had already arrived and ordered some drinks and waited for him to start.
When they saw him removing the equipment and walk out from the restaurant they were disappointed and later they spread bad rumors about him to his audience.

We have also heard about musicians who have played the whole night, and in the end the manager or owner has payed a salary much lower than what was agreed. This is normally what they do here when they like somebody to finish.

We are not going to cry our eyes out because of Dubai! We will continue looking for a new place next week.

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