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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Restaurant Oyster Chatcher

Clas, Susanne, Frances and Mick.

We have been out with Mick and Frances tonight.
We went for dinner to a restaurant called Oysters here in Los Cristianos.
Sorry we have got only one photo and it don't look very nice.

I have decided to not blog much about what we eat and where we eat when some of you readers almost start vomiting when you see all the food... But when we go out to new places, like tonight, I will tell you how it was and what I had.

I had mushrooms in aioli as a starter and then I had green pepper steak with mashed potatoes and vegetables as the main course and Chocolate fudge cake with ice cream as desert. Guess if I was stuffed!
The meal was very nice and I like to recommend the restaurant to you.
They have a lot of flambe menus which is a little special and sometimes they make the flambe at your table.

After the meal we went down to Tarahalles to listen to Andreas and about 11 o'clock we went up to Lewinskis to listen to Graham Gold. But Graham didn't play anymore when we arrived and we didn't get to hear him sing. He only played music of other artists through the speakers the last hour.

It was a nice evening. Mick and Frances go back to England Thursday and we will now spend as much time as possible with them while we are off.

The day was very sunny and i laid on the balcony the whole afternoon sunbathing and listening to the new songs I will take into the repertoire.
I have got about 10 new songs to learn.

My pepper steak flambe, medium. The vegetables were in an other bowl.

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