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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Restaurant Dubai

The Puerto Colon bay

Now something from our private life..., or would I call it the work life?

Clas and I went by taxi to the Torviscas-Puerto Colon area tonight.
It's time to start looking for a new place and we thought we better go there and see what the tourism there looks like.
It's very quiet in Los Cristianos and Las Americas now and these two towns haven't got many restaurants with dance floors, which we are in need of.
We also like to find a restaurant with at least over hundred seats when a place with less chairs hardly can afford two musicians.

We started walking along the beach front in Torviscas toward Las Americas and found out that there are not many tourists.
It was a surprise to see how quiet everything was in the Puerto Colon area too.
It's normally the most crowded area in south of Tenerife. Specially summer time.
The restaurants had about 20-30 guests each and some restaurants were closed.
But this area anyhow had more tourists than Torviscas.

A PR-man on the street stopped us and asked us to come in to his restaurant and have a drink, but we told him we are musicians, only out looking for a new job.
Then he told us that their musician had stopped playing some days ago and introduced us for the manager.
The manager told us to came and speak to the owner later in the night and we decided to go somewhere and have a dinner while we waited for him to arrive.

The restaurant is called Dubai and it's located in the middle of the bay.
It's a really nice restaurant with 250 seats and it is possible to arrange a big dance floor in the front of the stage.

We have now made an agreement with the owner that we will give it a try.
That means we will play Monday - Tuesday next week and see how it goes.
If it feels right for the both parties we will continue playing there six nights a week. We'll see!
We know there are not many tourists right now but we also know that the tourism will come up after some weeks.

If you are on Tenerife Monday or Tuesday (12-13 of January) we would like to welcome you to pay a visit at our new place. We'll play 7.30 - 11 pm.
Go to Puerto Colon and we are exactly in the middle of the bay at the beach walk.


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