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Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Israeli - Palestine conflict

What kind of people are members of the UN security Council?
Is it only USA who is brave enough to stand up for the justice?
Last night when the Security Council sat down to make an agreement about their statement they first produced a proposal that said "cease fire!" to Israel.
That would have been to help Hamas, a terrorist organization! Wouldn't it?

I don't like war, but you can't rub the terrorists the right way!
USA did not agree about the statement when they meant it's not right to negotiate the Israeli rights of self-defense. To think in an other way would be to escape justice!
You can't tell a country that is under a terrorist attack to just sit down and relax! Can you?

Why are the members of the Security Council acting like this?
Of course it's difficult to deal with terrorists and to get a change in such a difficult situation, but to make a statement that is negative for the one who is accosted is a coward act.
It wouldn't have given them any points anyhow, and it would just have showed that they are afraid of Goliath (the terrorists) and choose to deal with David (Israel) instead.
They tell Israel to loose the game so that they can get the change (the peace) that the whole world expect them to have power to make. But it wouldn't mean peace for Israel when the terrorists for sure would continue sending rockets into the country.
The whole situation is really difficult and nobody know where it's gonna end.

Shalu Shalom Yerushalayim!

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