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Monday, January 05, 2009


Like you see my blog has got a new label, called Politics, 2009.
I know the most of the blog readers are not interesting in international questions or questions about human rights etc.
Please, feel free to just leave these posts unread when you visit my blog.

I know my blog don't have many readers or make a big impact when it comes to the situation of the world, but the last days since I started writing about the Israel - Palestine conflict I've got much more visitors than normal.
That's because some people who are interested in these questions search on Google and other similar places, to read about it, and then they also can find my blog.
My thought is that if one single person who has power to make influence read my blog, let's say an journalist, then it's worth to continue writing about these questions.

The media of today many times give an one-sided information without thinking about the justice.
That's because they can't be involved or be in favour of anybody.
I am just a blogger with no connection to any organization or movement and because of that I can say what I think and stand up for the truth as long as I don't make a defamation.

Maybe some people will hate me because of this, but the truth is that I am just a friend of Israel + quite interesting in international questions and human rights etc. That's all!

Would you like to read about our travel to Israel and the march we made in Jerusalem? Click here.

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