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Monday, January 05, 2009

The Israeli conflict

Many still don't know what the conflict in the middle-east is about.

About three years ago Israel made an agreement with Palestine to leave the area of Gaza.
All the Jewish people moved out from the area and thought it will now be peace for a while.
They know it will never be total peace in Israel when the country is surrounded by antisemitistic (Jewish hostile) countries that like to exterminate them.

Anyhow, Hamas didn't keep the agreement and they continued sending Kassam-rockets into the south of Israel without any reason.
Specially to a town called Sderot where the people now have been living in fear the last three years and they have had to run to the security shelters many times every day.
The Kassam-rockets are not the heaviest of rockets but they can kill people and many Israelis have been injured during these attacks.

The third paragraph of the UN explanations about the human rights says that every single person has right to life, freedom and personal security.
During the last years ten thousands of people in this area have been living in fear and under threat of terrorists without any help from UN.

Israel has many times during this period tried to warn Hamas and told them to stop sending the rockets, but it hasn't given any results when Hamas is an antisemitistic organization and they like to exterminate the Israeli nation or at least keep the Jewish people in fear.
Hamas seams to like this all to happen when they become more popular among the Palestinians every time Israel make a defence. They got a lot of votes in the last elections and one of their goal is probably to one day rule Palestine.

Now Israel have got enough and when nothing else helps they have to do something about it and they have decided to go in to Gaza and destroy the launchpads for the rockets and fight the Hamas organization.
The problem for Israel is that Hamas don't wear soldier outfits or walk around with rifles on display.
They hid among the normal population and use them in that way as shields. When they act like this they put the people of Gaza in a dangerous situation. People who normally don't have anything to do with the situation.

For three years UN hasn't been doing much about the situation in the south of Israel, but as soon as the Israeli soldiers walked into Gaza they gathered for a meeting and had to make a statement. Even when they know the situation they first decided to bind up the arms of Israel.
Of course Israel is the stronger part when they have got a much better artillery and they are the ones who are very dangerous if they would flip out.
But if you think honestly about it, Israel is a kind human state and the question is how many states on this earth would have waited for three years without doing anything while the terrorists are attacking the country.
Every time Israel as much as move a finger they become more hated in the world. That's only because of the wrong picture the media have been serving when they have been afraid to tell the truth. All countries are afraid of terrorists and they don't like to become involved.

Hamas is more like a guerilla band and they have only got rifles and small rockets and shells.
But the situation can become very dangerous if Iran gets involved. Iran share in many ways the ideology of Hamas and they have got nuclear weapons.

Since 2005 when Israel left Gaza the terrorist organizations in Gaza have fired over 7000 rockets and shells toward civil targets in Israel. Of course Israel start thinking it's enough and they have to do something about it. But it's not possible to exterminate Hamas when new people are gradually recruited from the Palestinian population. Hamas have for a long time spread propaganda and many Palestinians stand with them today.

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