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Saturday, January 31, 2009

"Life enjoyers"

Clas surprised me with a nice fish meal tonight.

Not much is happening right now.
We are only eating and I have been on the internet almost the whole afternoon.
I have become terrifying lazy at the moment! I mean in some peoples eyes...

First when I woke up today I decided to sunbath on the balcony, but after a while I changed my mind when I saw all the clouds.
Not fun at all! Who like to look like a pale ghost on Tenerife?

If you live up north it's okay to be pale. Then you have to explain if you suddenly show up with a tan on your face in the middle of the winter.
Here on Tenerife it's a shame to be pale when that means you spend a lot of time inside your home in the daytime.

To be normal here you have to be out in the sun, spending time with the tourists and the "winter-birds". That's what the most of the people do.
Clas full-filled his duties today and made a rapid trip to the Scandishop.
I haven't showed up for many days now!

Like always we run our own rules.
The life for us is to be able to do exactly what we like to do at the moment, and so far it has worked out well. Maybe you can call us "life enjoyers"?
We do what we do, we eat what we eat, we buy what we buy, we sleep when we sleep...etc.
The only must do for us is that we must play the nights we play, and that's just fun. We both like to sing and play and it feels more like a hobby than a work.

To live like this works well, because you don't only like to do fun things. You don't like to be lazy all the time!
As an example we both like to have things in order, and when the home starts looking unclean or in disorder we get a strong desire to start doing something about it. Then it suddenly is fun to work like a horse.
Why do things in the moment when you feel it's not fun?
The life rules itself if you just leave hold of the reins. Doesn't it?

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