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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Loose weight

Talking about loosing weight is a quite sensitive subject in Sweden now.
The debate waves are going high about the bad influence some of the bloggers make on the young girls when they write about sharing plates when they eat and about how they starv to loose weight.
My opinion is that it's not only the bloggers who cause this problem in the society.
The magazines are also writing about loosing weight every week. And what about the fashion industry? The whole world is filled with these bad ideals!
But of course it's not good to write about your anorexi- habits like they would be normal when there is a risk that it can be an entrance for the young girls to get into them.

He,he! It's not easy to be a blogger and to find the middle course of the blogging and the Scandinavian Jante law.
I got critics because I showed too many nice dinners on my blog which is exactly the opposite!
I think whatever you do there will be people who are unsatisfied and sometimes it's because of jealousy. You can't please everybody! Can you?

During the last autumn I lost about 6 kg weight and I felt much more satisfied with my life.
Many tourists were surprised when they came back to the island and saw it and I felt so happy about it.
In November I somehow just forgot to think about what is healthy or not healthy, and now I have gained three kg back. *sigh*

I feel very fat now and I need to start doing something about it again. If I don't I will soon end up where I started!
I have had too many heavy dinners, and too many chocolate bars, and even a few ice creams that have been absolutely unnecessary.

We also have had many days off which means I haven't been dancing much line dance lately.
I haven't been out walking either even when I have had more spare time than normal and I haven't been doing any strength trainings.

I think I get much more done when I'm in a hurry. To be off just makes you lazy and I spend many days sitting at the computer. Some days I don't get out in the town at all.
When we work much I am out hunting new outfits in the daytime, running back and forth, and even when that is a more stressful life I like it more when I get much more done.

Tonight we had the dinner at the Little Italy restaurant close to Linares here in Los Cristianos.
We had Plank steak with mashed potatoes and bearnaise sauce.
I still feel stuffed and think I could have left more of it than I did... But, it's a new day tomorrow and a good reason to start a new life. The only problem is that I need some more inspiration to really get it going. We'll see!


Anonymous said...

Good Morning Susanne.
Well i love to see where you have been to eat and also like to see what you have had on the plate .
so please continue .
Like you i have gained a few lbs but our men have got something to hold on to !!! Who wants a bag of bones.
Now the better weather is coming it is much easier to go back to eating more salad. Winter you need warmth like steak stews etc oh and chips.
As long as you are well and happy these are the important things.
You both look well on the blogs so hey lets keep it that way.
Love Sue.xx

Susanne said...

Hi Sue,
You are absolutely right!
It's not nice to be too bony.
I was glad to hear it's not only me who have gained weight. *smile*
Good luck with your diet,