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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Restaurant La Karina

Things are happening fast here on Tenerife!
Tonight we went to see the owner of restaurant La Karina in Las Americas.
He has called us some times before and asked us to come there and play, but we have always been busy playing somewhere else.
When we met him tonight he gave us job directly and we will start already tomorrow!

We are going to play there Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays, 8.30 - 11.30 pm.
We will share the place with "Cecil Jamaica show" who also play three nights a week, and one night a week it's Flamenco show.

The owner is soon going to open an other restaurant in the same area and when that's ready we will start playing even there, which means we will then play 5-6 nights a week.
This sounds very good! We all feel so happy about this! It's just a big "Amen" in the heart.

La Karina is a restaurant with room for about 200 guests.
It's located at the main street of Las Americas, outside Hotel Tenerife Sol.
Treasure Island and Starco are across the street to the left and Leonardos' is to the right when you stand in the restaurant.

Tomorrow we will be busy again preparing for the night.
Clas and Paul will first bring the sound system there and then we have to sound check and later play in the night. It will be very fun!
I will try to remember the camera tomorrow and make a video clip from our first night.

Welcome to all of you who are on Tenerife or on the way to Tenerife!

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