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Friday, August 22, 2008

Our last day of the vacation

Pia and Mattias left last night and now our home feels so empty.
It has been so lovely to have them here and I think their visit went too quickly.
Mattias has got one more week of vacation before he starts his work again as IT-support for the government.
Pia is studying Special pedagogic at the Faculty of pedagogics in Vasa and starts gaining practical experiences as a trainee at the workers institute (Vasa Arbis) in the beginning of September. Arbis is an institute with a wide variety of languages, handicrafts, music, sports courses etc.

We will now start to get back to the normal routines.
I have to go back to the diet and the exercising and when we start working tomorrow we also will have to return to the late night habits and the late mornings.

Clas is now preparing a barbecue on the balcony and after the dinner we probably will go and see Ray and Debbie as it is their last night at Lewinski.

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