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Thursday, August 07, 2008

The weight

I have lost 3,9 kg now since I started the diet and the training about a month ago.
It goes very slowly but I think that's because I didn't do any training the first weeks when my cough was so terrible.
Now I am back in the shape I had in the springtime before I started gaining weight.

I know the weight I have got now is a weight my body likes to be in.
It has always been difficult to get it to loose more when I am in this state.
But I hope the training will do the trick when my goal is to loose about 10 more kilograms.
My size is now 38-40 but I prefer to have a size of 34-36.
He,he! Then I will have a good reason to go out shopping new clothes! And they will suit me in a nice way! Oh, how I'm going to appreciate that day!:-)

Tomorrow I will have a training session again. I only do two sessions per week the first weeks and then I will increase them to three times a week.
I also walk or dance for 1-2 hours 3 days a week and if this doesn't help I don't know what to do.

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