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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Back to work

I have been planning the play lists the whole day and done rehearsal of some of the new songs we started singing before we went on vacation.

Clas has been at Lewinski putting up the sound system out on the terrace. He always likes to do it alone when he thinks I would just mess everything up. I am not good at technical things.

I hope we will get a nice sound directly from the start tonight when I hate to sing in the same time as he tries to tune it in. Then the sound of the bass and the treble come and go and I have sometimes had to sing the first song without any echo or almost without hearing my own voice.
He has a sound check when he puts everything up but I seldom know how my part sounds before we start which feels quite stressing when I can't tell him what's the matter with my sound in the same time as I sing.
When we get to Lewinski tonight I will be very hard on him if I don't get a sound check before we start eating the dinner.
Let's see how it goes! *smile*

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Dear and Handsome one said...

Guess who had the perfect sound tonight ...