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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More medicine

About three days ago I started feeling very weak again and I got a pressure over the chest and fever and my throat was hurting more than ever.
I have also become a little bit hoarse every day the last four weeks specially in the nights.
Even during the vacation when I didn't sing anything I became hoarse every now and then!
I thought from the beginning that I would soon become better and didn't do anything about it and we have been playing like normal in the nights.
But today I decided to call the hospital to see if I could change my next appointment and get there earlier.

The lady who answered the phone told me first that there are not any free appointments before the 5th of October but when she heard that I belong to The Mapfre Insurance Company she said she will do one more check and she found an appointment already the 8th of September.
After a while she changed her mind again and said I maybe should talk to the doctor himself and told me to call again at 3.30 in the afternoon.

When I called the hospital again a Spanish talking lady answered and when I started asking for my doctor, talking English, she directly gave over to a nurse who was speaking the language perfectly.
After talking a few words with her she told me to hold on and suddenly a third person was in the phone and she talked perfect Swedish! Guess if I was surprised! What a service! Swedish is my mothers language.

I told her about my problem and she told me to hold on for a while when she would like to talk to the doctor.
Back on the line she told me he like to see me directly and asked if I could come over to the hospital. I promised to get there as quickly as possible.

I hurried to have a shower and to put on a makeup and jumped into a taxi.
When I got there the procedure started again. The service was really amazing!
I just signed a paper and then I was directly taken into the doctor without having to queue.

The doctor checked me and gave me new medicines (reflux) that I now have to take for two weeks.
I will also continue taking the inhalator powder that I got before.
It took me about 45 minutes from I left the home until I was back in the home again with the new medicines in the bag! I am really impressed!

The health care works very well here on Tenerife and I have never seen such a good service anywhere else in the world even when I have belonged to other insurance companies before.
Even the American health care ends up in the second place when I think about Tenerife and Spain!

If my throat isn't well after two weeks they will take me in for an other check up. Then I will have to swallow a camera so that they can see how it looks inside my throat. I hope I will be well now because that's something I don't like to do!
Please, remember me in your prayers so that I don't have to do it.
They will not put me to sleep but I will get some kind of anaesthetic before they do it.
Is there anyone who knows how it is to swallow the camera? Please, let me know.

We are going to continue playing like normal when the medicine hopefully will make me better and better every day now.


Anonymous said...

Hi Susanne,
don't stress over the camera my Son Steven had to have the same a few months ago and he was fine. they give you a mild sedative and spray the throat its over before you know it. Steven was worried but i can assure you he was having toast and a cuppa almost straight after. Just relax.
We will see you soon .
Only 2wks to go . Yipee.
Take care Sue

Susanne said...

Hi Sue and Norm,
Thank you for your encouragement.
I am not so afraid of doing it to be honest. I just like to get the right diagnosis now when I am so tired of being ill. It feels like I can do almost whatever if I just get fine.
We look forward seeing you soon, and Peter and Leslie and Pat and Paul etc. It seams like many come to Tenerife in September and we can't wait to see you all.
Hugs and XX