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Sunday, August 03, 2008

The crayfish party

I will put up a couple of photos from our Crayfish party before I go to bed.
The crayfishes were delicious. Perfect salted and the shell wasn't too thick and the meat perfect!
Normally we don't eat the meat that's inside the claws but tonight when we were up to finish we started eating it when it for ones was very easy to get it out.
We also had Quick Loraine, salad, avocado and a bottle of white wine and now we are very stuffed and will probably sleep a good night.

Our night at Lewinski was lovely too, and the audience didn't like us to stop at twelve o'clock.
We sang one extra song but then we decided to stop when there is a neighbor who calls the police if we play over time or play, as he thinks, too loudly.

Last winter when we had many guests in, at the end of the nights, we normally played to a quarter past twelve but we will try to stop about twelve now.
It's not fun for the police to have to come and see us all the time. They have had to visit us four times already when somebody has called in and complained about our sound.

Of course there is a difference with the sound if you have 30 people in or 150 people in!
When it's many guests the noise level is much higher and then we have to take up the sound to be audible and to get the right feeling for the dancers.
I hope we don't get too much problem with this the coming winter season which starts now in September.

Everybody says that the problem is not really our sound! The problem is that the person who calls the police seams to becomes jealous when we many times are very crowded. Then he calls the police and they have to come and see us.
It's so stupid! The person directs the police to our place when they maybe would be more needed somewhere else. *sigh!* This is Spain!

I almost thought I was dreaming! Crayfishes already in August!

Clas said he had difficult to concentrate on the lyrics in the end of the night
when he all the time started thinking about the crayfishes.

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