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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Our mint plants

I will tell you the truth about our mint plants that Clas was so proud of!
If you have been reading Clas' blog the third of July you have seen the photo of these mint plants before.

We got mint seedlings from a lady on La Gomera (the neighbor island) when we were there with our friends Frances and Mick in May.
She told us to put them into soil and they will continue growing.

When we came back home Clas took care of them and told me that I am not allowed to do anything with the plants (like giving them water or nutrition). He thought that I probably will make them die like all the other flowers we have got on the balcony and thought he is the one who can make them survive.

But it's not easy!!! About a couple of weeks ago they looked terrible and then he gave up and cut the plants away and said it's no idea to try to make these plants survive.
I didn't say much about it but decided to continue giving water to see if they still have got power to grow up.

He,He! Now we can see a few small leaves coming up! Guess if I am happy!
He always thinks he is the best of doing everything but now I will convince that he's wrong!
I will show you a photo of the plants again after a couple of weeks and you can see how beautiful they become when I take care of them! *smile*
And I will change the soil when it doesn't look very healthy for them.
This is the typical Tenerife soil you buy in the shop but I will look and see if I can find a better one. I will also put the flower pot back into the wooden pot later, but right now I use the wooden pot for an other flower that I bought from Alcampo.

Frances and Mick also got seedlings and we got an e-mail last week where they told their look nice and smells much more than they normally do up in England.
If their plants can grow ours can do the same! Please, wish me a good luck!

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