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Friday, August 01, 2008

Shopping at Alcampo and Ikea

The business street inside the Alcampo commercial center.
Pumkie, one of my favorite fashion shops, is to the left.

Now we are back from our shopping trip to La Laguna.
Clas went out at 8.30 this morning to rent a car from the company that we always rent from but he didn't get the car before 10.30! Thats because there wasn't anybody at the company!
The sign said `we are open´ and the lights were on inside the office, but nobody were there.
He talked with a lady at the info desk of the hotel that is in the same house and she said they will soon be back when they only are delivering a car to somebody.
He waited for almost two hours before they showed up! This is typical Spain! You need a lot of patience! *sigh*
Next time we will rent the car the day before we need it to be sure we don't have to wait.

But the day has been lovely! We found a lot of stuff and I can't tell you about everything we bought when it would be a really long list.
Some of the shops were still having sales (50-70% off) but many of their shelfs were empty and when you found something nice there wasn't any normal sizes anymore.
We have both bought a lot of clothes today and there was a lot of stuff that we needed for our home at Ikea too. And I have bought four new flowers and some accessories and Clas a new sound system for his computer etc.
The car was full stuffed and Clas had to go in and get the trolley to get everything inside when we got home.

I will just put up some photos from today and show some of the clothes I did buy when it would take a long time to take photos of everything.

This bracelet I bought at Pumkie. Isn't it beautiful? I like it very much!

The skirt and the vest is from Pumkie.
The belt is from Clock House.

This skirt is from Pumkie. I think it's so cute!
The necklace to the left is from Clock House.

This little brow skirt I bought at Clock House.
The scarf, and the roses that I will use as bracelets, are from H&M.

Clas thought the stockings were nice but I didn't buy them.

The new fashion right now.
I like it very much but need to loose weight before it will fit me.

It's very popular with brown and lilac colors now
and like you see it's a lot of checked materials.

After shopping at Alcampo we had a nice lunch at this restaurant that is down in the cellar.
Everybody are sitting inside when the place is not far away from the motorway.

I don't remember the name of the menu but it's something similar to Kebab.
This is the man who made it. It tasted very nice and we will definitely be back.It includes a lot of salad and vegetables.

This is my favorite kitchen at Ikea. Isn't it cosy?
One day I would like to have a kitchen similar to this!
People stopped and smiled at us when I was playing around in the kitchen, like I was at home,
while Clas was acting the photographer.

We bought some Swedish products that we have been longing for.
I also bought `Hjortron vinagre´ think it needs to be used in the salad...Anybody knows?
Sorry that I forgot to put it on the table when I took the photo.
Ikea is almost like an angle for us here on Tenerife when they make it possible for us to get some typical Scandinavian products. 10+ to Ikea!

The surprise of the day was when we found these crayfishes at Ikea!
Tomorrow night we are going to have a crayfish party in private when we get home from work!
Jiihaaa! or do you say Yehaa in English?

When we got home in the night we went out for dinner to Nueva Fortuna.
The dinner was excellent and we choosed to sit in a little privat corner when we both felt so tired. But it didn't take a long time before a waitress suddenly showed up and asked if we are the cowboys at Lewinskis.
It's not easy to be anonymous in a small town like Cristianos.

When we got back home I started writing this blog.


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