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Friday, August 29, 2008

The feminism is just a revolt!

Clas is very special. He often tells me many times a day how cute he thinks I am and hugs me etc.
I have become so used to it that I can't live without it anymore.
I like it and I need it! I have never been asking for it, but his care has made me addicted and I try to give the same kind of care back to him.

I think it's quite important to get confirmations from our partners. We need hugs and kisses every day and encouraging words and then we feel more harmonic and lucky.
When you have a husband who cares about you it's really easy to let him make the decisions when it comes to the big questions in your daily life together. Then you know you can trust him and he will always make the decisions that he thinks is the best for both of you and you can just relax. I always turns to him if there is something I wonder about.
It's important to not force things through if you not are in agreement.
It will just cause more problems and mess everything up in the end. That's something we have learned.

He,he! I know my statement would drive the feminists crazy!
I think the equality between the sexes is something good, but I also think some of the feminists have gone too far when they mean they don't need any men and try to do everything on their own.

It's understandable that there are feminists today when so many men shirk responsibility in their families. Or do the men give up the responsibility when they aren't allowed to make any decisions? That's the question!
Some women have to make all the decisions, they have to take care of the children and the home on their own, and in addition they have to work full time to get the both ends meet. Of course these women can become embittered by criticism.

I think it's the society that has caused movements like the feminism to rise up.
Before the ladies were at home taking care of the children and the men were out working and they both did their share and were in agreement. The children felt much more safe then when they knew there will always be somebody waiting for them in the home.
But the materialism of today and the desire of making a career have pushed the women out on the labour market too early and their burden gets too heavy.
It's tough to both take care of the home and the children in the same time as you've got a work!

You might think that I am old-fashioned but I think it was better before when the men were allowed to be leaders in the family (not dictators!). Everything was more harmonic!
Clas and I live more in the old-fashioned style than in the new style and I like it very much.

The ideology of feminism. They say "we can do it" and
they have to do everything on their own. Stupid!

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