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Thursday, August 28, 2008

New songs


I have been looking for new songs the whole afternoon and have found four that I like to start sing. Now they just have to be passed by Clas.
Sometimes he don't like the songs I like and then I can't start singing them.
We always try to take songs that both of us like when we have to stand them maybe for a long time.

One of the songs is a really nice jive song with Reba McEntire and I am almost sure he will like it.
We need it specially for the Norwegians who love to jive.
We haven't almost seen any Scandinavians since the end of April and I start missing them so much. They love to dance and when they come to see us the dance floor always gets busy.

Hopefully we will get a bigger dance floor this winter. It's not fun when everybody don't get space to dance.
The best would be to have two dance floors. One for line dance and one for couple dance but the Lewinski terrace hasn't got space enough for that.

I feel much better today and my voice wasn't hoarse at all this morning. I have been singing the whole afternoon while I have been searching for new songs.
Maybe not so cleaver, but I can't help it when I feel so happy now when I start getting better.
I wish I had got these medicines earlier and I wouldn't have become so hoarse every night. But it's better late than never!

I really look forward to go and sing to Lewinski tonight. It's so fun when we have got so many new songs this summer. Many of them are from the new country scene and when the winter season starts we have to cut down on them again when we get an older audience.
*smile* I don't mean that the audience is really old in the winter time, like it sounds, but now during the summer the most of the guests have been in an age of 0-40 years.

As soon as I get totally free from the weakness I will start the training again and the line dancing, of course.
Right now I have had to change my diet when I can't eat anything with a high Ph-value.
But I am loosing weight every day! I almost have to force myself to eat because I don't feel hungry at all.

Clas tried on the jeans today and they fitted him perfectly! I am so happy!

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