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Thursday, August 07, 2008


I have been busy since we came back home by answering and writing E-mails. It took me about two hours!
Many people who were on Tenerife last autumn will be back this autumn and we look forward seeing everybody.

People ask us about a lot of different things like the bus timetables, how they will find us, if we are going to play during the nights they are on the island, if we are going to stay at Lewinskis and where the other musicians will play etc.
I try to inform everybody as correct as possible but of course things can change and I can't promise it will be like it's now after one to two months or at the Christmas time.

Many musicians haven't got any work right now, when it's a low season, and I can't tell you were everybody is going to play this coming winter.
It's a hard time and the restaurants can employ somebody one day and sack them the next day when they find somebody else they like to try.
The only current rules are that they like to have a nice income before the night is over.

For the restaurant it's less important how you sound, how talented you are, what outfits you wear, what songs you perform etc. Only money talks and you can never trust an agreement about work here. You can be sacked without any warning and many are!

Many times when musicians are sacked it's not their fault. The cause can only be that there is a lack of tourists in the town and then the restaurant can't afford the salaries and the musicians are the first ones to go.
But of course if you have got the entertainment the tourists like to have it will bring people in and the sales statistics will be nice before the night is over but it demands people in the town.
When the town is empty of people you can't do much!

Being a musician on Tenerife is like playing roulette. If you have a good luck and find the right place you can make a fortune but if you don't you can end up facing a bitterly hard time and it seams to become more and more tough every year.
We have said we will stay here as long as people like to listen to us.
The day we don't get a place where to play anymore we will move somewhere else.
England is quite interesting (I haven't promised anything!) when we already have got a lot of invitations from people there but we hope to still stay on Tenerife for many years if it's possible. We'll see...!

I need to go to bed now. We are going to record the backing vocals for some new songs tomorrow and we have made the alarm to ring already at eleven o'clock in the morning! We normally sleep until twelve when we have very late habits.
I need my eight hours sleep to become alert and to be able to sing like a lark in such an early hour in the morning. Good Night!

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