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Friday, August 29, 2008

Our Wok - Sushi night

We went early for dinner tonight to the Asiatic Cuisine and wok restaurant close to where we live.
The food was nice but we got so many different dishes that I couldn't eat them all.
I didn't have any Wok at all even when it's included in the price.
I like this restaurant when you can just pick out which meat and vegetables etc you like to have and then they wok, barbecue or deep fry it for you.
They have also got a lot of different cold dishes and you can taste as many as you like till you get too stuffed.
I don't think you can have from all dishes in the same night when there are so many.

I continued taking photos of all my plates and Clas said;
-You are not going to show all your plates on your blog. Are you?
-Yes, of course I will show them! I said.
-Oh, the people will think you don't do anything else than eat!
-Doesn't matter for me! It's their problem not mine!

To be honest I didn't eat all of it. Some of the pieces I left on the plate.

I will tell you a secret:
Clas had more plates than me! *smile*

My dear husband.


I had sushi on my first plate and an Asiatic soup.

My second plate.

My third plate.

To bring the dinner to a close I had three different deserts.
The cheese cake in the middle was really lovely.

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