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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The "bugging" couple

Jive is called "bugg" in Swedish. Imagine so wrong it can be when I start mixing the two languages and write in Swenglish!
Bugging in English means, as an example, to listen secretly to somebody on the phone.
The right way of saying the headline would be "The jiving couple".

Sometimes when I get tired in the nights I start mixing the different languages I speak and then I maybe would say "The bugging pareja", in this case.
Sounds crazy? Move down to Tenerife and live here for four years, like we have done now, and see how confused you can get when it's in the middle of the night! *smile*
Even some of the tourists who come to the island, for one or two weeks, continue saying "Gracias" to people first when they get back home to their own country. It's not easy!

Here you can watch Mattias and Pia "bugging" at Lewinskis.
Guess who is a proud mother!

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Carola said...

Va di va bra till bugg :))