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Sunday, August 24, 2008

A nice start

The first night at Lewinski was a good night.
The sound was nice and.. Yes! We had a sound check before the dinner.
Clas said like always that we don't have to have it, but I told him it's no question about it when I am going to have a check anyhow. *smile*
But I think he was right tonight because the sound was nice already from the beginning and we wouldn't have had to check it. But it feels much better for me to go up to the stage and start singing when I know how it will sound. Specially when we many times don't sound normal in the first songs before he gets everything tuned right.

The audience tonight seamed to be fans of country music.
They were all sitting and listening carefully to every song and looked at us, and sometimes they started singing along and clapping hands.

I like these kind of nights when we get all the attention from the audience. It's not fun to play when people are sitting and discussing around the tables behaving like we are not there.
It happens very seldom but when it does we feel just like elevator music and we don't speak much when it's like talking to a wall.

The most frustrating nights are when people choose a table close to the stage and then sit and talk very loudly to each other almost screaming because of the high volume.
We can see on the other guests, who like to listen to the music, that they feel disappointed when they have to listen to a mix of our music and the talk from the loudly table. For us it's difficult to speak between the songs when we are so interrupted that we almost can't hear what we think in our brains.
Sometimes some of the guests start making wry faces toward the table and maybe like us to do something about it.
It's not easy when we can't tell them to be more quiet or to change table. The only thing we can do is to take up the volume until the speakers almost jump down from the stands. But there's a risk of doing it when the police probably will show up after a while telling us to take it down.
They have visited us four times so far!

This is a quite common problem in the wintertime.
Many tourists come to the island the same time year after year and they get new friends over here. Of course they like to talk when they finally meet on their nights out. But the best would be if there would be a free table for them not so close to the speakers. Then they could speak to each other like normal when our sound volume normally isn't too high.

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