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Saturday, August 09, 2008


I went out to buy the lilac shoes today but they were gone. I haven't spilled any tears but hope to find some else later on.

On the way back home I walked zig-zag but didn't buy anything else than a scarf in that style that is on fashion this autumn.
When I'm going to use it is a big question mark right now, but you never know, maybe it will fit into some of my outfits?

Oh yes! I also bought shorts and a matching T-shirt in lilac to Clas! He tried them on when I got home and I was so happy when they were the right size and he liked them.
The jeans I bought for him the other day did also fit and they look very nice on.
I wish he would be more interesting in shopping and in trying on clothes when there are so many nice pieces that would make him look so nice.

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