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Monday, August 04, 2008

Hospital tomorrow

I have been training today again and this time I really tried to stretch properly afterwards.
Clas has been to James and got the hair cut and came back home a while ago.

Tomorrow I am going to the hospital again to see the doctor for the bronchitis.
The medical helps and if I don't take it I soon get the mucus again and start coughing.
I hope I don't have to have it for the rest of my life when that wouldn't be fun.
I also wonder what effect it has on the vocal cords when I become hoarse in the end of the evenings even when I don't strain the voice.

They have a good service here on Tenerife concerning the appointments at the hospital.
Yesterday they sent me a sms-message (on a Sunday!) and reminded me of the time I have got tomorrow.
Today they called me and asked if I am able to see the doctor at the time I have got tomorrow or if I like to change it.
Maybe it's because the Spanish people seldom are in time or maybe don't show up at all? I don't know. But it's a good service that maybe would be nice in many countries.
Or is it only Finland that hasn't got it?


Anonymous said...

You are very lucky to have a good health service.
But do you have private health care Susanne?. I am in Bupa and get good care but at a price.
The people who are on national health wait months for appointments.
Regards Sue

Susanne said...

Hi Sue and Norm,
we have private health & dental care(Mapfree) which means we can go to the best doctors and specialists if we get ill and we don't have to queue.
We also have got insurances for our funerals the day we die.

I wish everybody could have private health care when it's really nice.
We can, if we like, have yearly check ups at the dentist, mammography(for men prostate),optician etc.
People who have to rely on the national health system today some times have to queue for a long time and maybe die before they get the right health care and that's tragic.Something is really wrong with the politics when you have to pay high taxes and not get the health care you need!