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Friday, August 15, 2008

Thursday - The Jungle Park

Today we have been visiting the Jungle Park.
It was really big and it took us the whole day to walk it through and look at all the animals and the shows.
The most of the animals had nice places to stay but my opinion is that some hadn't got big space enough and you could see that these animals felt stressed. They were walking back and forth all the time without any rest and didn't look happy.
It was also very chocking first to see all the eagles and owls when they were sitting on the wooden sticks connected to a wire that was about half a meter long and the people could touch them when they were just sitting beside the path without any fences. But later on we saw the same birds flying in the shows without any wires. If they liked to they could escape but they had a really nice relation with the keepers and looked very happy when they were flying around.

Pia and Mattias in the Jungle.

One of the first eagles we saw.

Mattias, Pia and me at the eagle show.


Mattias and Pia.

Pia and me.

Pia and Mattias in the Jungle bob ride.


Parrot show.



A white tiger.

A sleeping lion.

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