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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Shop and burn calories

I read something very interesting on expressen.se which is a daily newspaper in Sweden.
I will try to translate it to English:

Women burn a lot of calories when they are shopping!
According to a new British study, published in the Daily Mail, shopping is a good way of burning calories.
The study comprises 2 000 women and shows that a woman walks more than a kilometer every time she is shopping. (I walk about 2-5 km!)
In average a woman goes into a shop 18 150 times in a lifetime which means 25 times per month!( some months I go maybe 100 times!)
That correspond to 12 000 calories in one year- or 65 bags of chips and 43 chocolate bars. (would that mean 2-3 times the amount for me?)
The research proves that the effect of a shopping is the same as doing a session in the gym.

He,he! This means I can have a piece of chocolate every now and then if I'm just out shopping plenty enough! Doesn't it?
Sounds unbelievable!

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