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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wednesday - Teide & Masca Valley

It's Thursday today and the last day for Mattias and Pia on the island.
They are leaving tonight by Spanair through Madrid.
There was a terrible accident in Madrid yesterday when a Spanair plan, on the way to our neighbor island Gran Canaria, crash landed after take off and 153 passengers died.
It's not going to be fun for them to fly home now, but we established a fact when we were talking about it, that their plane will probably be more checked than ever now after the accident.
Which means the risk of something going wrong will be lower than normal.

Yesterday, Wednesday, we went up to Teide and down to the Masca Valley.
Here's some photos from our island trip:

Mattias and Pia in the backseat.

Me at one of the biggest Pine trees of Tenerife which is on the way up to Teide.
It's 46,3 meter high. A similar tree on the other side of the road is 56 meter high!

Teide in the background. It's 3917 meter high and the highest mountain of Spain.

Clas found a nice place to rest.

Some of the lava look like big cow cakes like you can see on this photo.

The Masca Valley.

A big fire was laid waste last summer in the valley and you can see on the trees how close the fire was to this restaurant where we had a lunch.

Many of the palm trees in the valley were burned and the trunks are black.

Strolling in the valley.

Many lizards are living in Masca.

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Anonymous said...

Safe journey home to Mattias And Pia.
They looked as if they had a lovely time with you both.
Sue & Norm x