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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Shopping day

Believe me or not, I woke up at nine o' clock this morning! Isn't that a miracle?
(I mean Wednesday morning. It's already Thursday.)

Clas has been recording a female singer from England, Sheila Martin, today in our little studio and I decided to go out shopping while they were working with her CD.
It's not fun to have a lot of people around when you are doing a recording and have to concentrate. Everything you do in the studio is going to be heard by many people again and again.

I had a lovely shopping day. First I had a breakfast at a restaurant, a soup, and then I went to Mapfre to bring them some papers.
After that I started scanning the shops and I carefully checked out all the new clothes that have arrived now when I for ones had a plenty of time.

I bought a pair of jeans to Clas. Hopefully they will fit! He hasn't tried them on yet.
They are in a nice steel blue color and that is exactly a color he needs when I have already got some outfits in a matching shade.

This is what I bought for myself:

I have been looking for a white watch for a long time and today I finally bought this one from Stradivarius that is one of my favorite shops here on Tenerife.
I also bought four brass bracelets there that will fit well to a brass belt that I have got earlier.

This black little thing I bought at Sara.
It's so cute on and I like it very much.
Nice to wear now in the daytime when it's 28-30 degrees.

I also bought this dress at Sara.
The material is silk and I will use it when I'm off the stage when it doesn't look country.
It has got wide sleeves and I thought it looked so properly on that I just had to buy it.
It's very seldom you see me in clothes that has got suck a lot of patterns.

I have been looking for beige shirts, that wouldn't be too thick, for a long time without any results. Now I found one today and I am so lucky.
I have already tried it on at home and it fits nice into two different outfits that have had to wait when they demand thin beige shirts.

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