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Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Paper Doll

Have you seen this?
Clas has made a paper doll looking like me but a little bit more skinny and with longer hair!
The outfits are in the style that is mine. Sometimes I wonder from where he gets all the ideas?

You just print it out and then cut out me and the clothes with the scissors!
But who would like to play with paper dolls today?

When I was a child we many times played with paper dolls which we cut out from the Swedish weekly magazines. The dolls were famous artists and actors from Sweden.
I remember Lasse Berghagen, Ted Gärdestad, Sylvia Vrethammar, Göran Fristorp, Anna-Lena Löfgren, Lillbabs and Siv Malmquist among others.

We were even drawing new clothes for them. Real nice outfits in a style of the latest fashion! Maybe my interest in clothes and outfits started there?

Who would have thought that I one day would become a paper doll myself?!*giggle*

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